Who Are We?

There is no "one story" that defines us or that can sum up everything over the past year... but if there was, this would be it!

One Wicked Sweet (Potato) Story... (Narrated by Josh)

Last October, after months of training through the summer with Pat, the day came to run our first marathon.  The calm fall morning was filled with nerves, excitement, and a healthy amount of pre-race Sweet Potato with a hot cup of coffee. As the race was under way, Pat and I had separated from each other with our marathon paces differing quite a bit.  With family, friends, and local residents clapping, I was able to make it all the way to the 18th mile marker before my legs decided they were done for the day.  Without having a way to contact family and knowing if I just stayed put my legs would not be happy, I decided to start slowly walking.  Shortly after this, I passed Pat's mother and she was able to relay the message of my struggles to my family and before I knew it, my mom was driving up alongside of me with Cassie. 

 "Josh, want us to drive you back? We are so proud of you for making it this far...", my mother sincerely offered as she took note of my current state.  

Without hesitation, knowing that I would most likely give in with 8 miles to go, Cassie jumped out of the car.  

"I'll walk with you, lets take it one mile at a time".

Sure enough, mile by mile, Cassie, in her boat shoes and jeans, walked with me all the way to within two miles of the finish line where we were met by Pat (Who had crushed the marathon and then ran back to finish with me).  

I have to say that crossing the finish line, after spending over five hours on the course, was one of the best moments of 2015. However, being able to do so knowing that I had friends like Pat and Cassie by my side, made it one of the best moments in my life.  

It's people, family, like this that has always motivated me to continue to live my dreams.  It's these types of people that have worked tirelessly to create everything you see here.  It's that willingness of cassie to walk 8 miles with your friend just to see him succeed or the dedication of pat to meet me and finish the same way as we started. It's this, all of this, that has provided me the confidence I needed to launch this campaign; to build this brand.  It's with experiences like this, that I can say that All In Nutrition is made up of the best people needed to take WICKED Energy to the next level. 

From concept to production, and beyond, All In Nutrition is about making a difference, without being afraid to stand up for what you believe in.  Together, we are stronger.  We hope our bars can be the companion you need to power yourself through your own personal "marathon".  

Do what you love, with the people you love. 

Are you All In?

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